Viral Marketing Pakistan

Founded in 2020, Viral Marketing is a purpose led Investment Management focused on offering a diverse range of actively-managed investment solutions created around our core expertise.

Viral Marketing is authorised and regulated by the Federal Board of Revenue (FBR), Securities & Exchange Commission of Pakistan (SECP) and Islamabad Chamber of Commerce and Islamabad Chamber of Commerce & Industry (ICCI).

Our Vision

We are on a mission to revolutionize Investment Management in Pakistan, and accelerate progress to help build a better future for Pakistan

Our Values


Innovation is in our DNA. We approach each project with the same purpose: to bring something new, modern, and exciting to a sector that relies heavily on a traditional approach.


We follow through with our commitments and each of our core functions uses top-of-the-line premium services to deliver to a high-class standard..


Our timeliness and attention to detail are what distinguishes us from the rest.

Where We Invest

Real Estate Investment

In the REIT model, we manage real estate assets, including apartment buildings, hotels, facilities, and residential spaces. Rentals on the properties are collected, then distribute a high percentage of dividends amongst our investors.

Asset Management

Asset management involves professionally overseeing investments and assets to optimize returns and manage risk for our Investors. It includes strategic decision-making in buying, selling, and holding financial securities to achieve clients’ financial goals.


Viral Marketing, as a partner, invests in the Global market in businesses for equity and profit sharing. We then distribute the profits amongst our investors.


We outsource order fulfilment to Amazon. The Revenue generated from the sales is distributed as per profits equally between the investors.

We have our own brands working in the North America with whom we invest and based on sales and the profit is distributed equally with the investors.

What you get?

Month over Month Income

We make investments that are able to provide us with an ROI over shorter periods of time and those are then reinvested to make sure that the profitability provided to the client is maintained over the course of their investment with us.

Asset Based Rentals

We buy an asset on your name and then manage that asset for you the profits generated after subtracting the costs is then provided to the client and also the capital growth concept applies here as this is what drives the assets growth.

Trust is the Key

Building trust with investors is a crucial aspect of fostering successful, long-term partnerships. Trust forms the foundation of any meaningful relationship, and in the realm of investments, it is particularly pivotal.

To cultivate trust with investors, transparency and open communication are paramount. Providing clear and accurate information about the company’s financial health, performance, and future prospects instils confidence and demonstrates our commitment to openness.

Chaudhry Adnan

Chief Executive Officer

Adeel Rehmat

Chief Operating Officer

Hassan Ali Kayani

Chief Sales Officer

Raja Usman Tanveer

Director E-Commerce

Hamza Abbasi

Director E-Commerce

Athar Ahmad

Director Digital Solutions

Mubasher Abbasi

Office Manager

Abdul Rafay

Investment Advisor (Team Lead)

Tehreem Tariq

Investment Advisor

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