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When it comes to real estate, Islamabad is currently the prime location to invest. Multiple housing societies in Islamabad have built a reputation for providing lucrative investment platforms for both investors and residents in Islamabad. Among these societies, Park View City Islamabad has built its name as one of the leading real estate investment opportunities for a better lifestyle. Park View City is built a reputation for providing a premium luxury lifestyle for its residents and investors will all the necessary amenities within its community. The premium residential project offers a modern Turkish-style mosque, modern hospital, schools, parks, and community center.

In this article, we have shared some insightful details about Park View City Islamabad for our readers to get a better perspective on the popular and highly sought-out housing society in Pakistan. Park View city has built its brand in a short time with its prime location, lucrative payment plans, capital value, and reliable ongoing development.


Park View City Islamabad is a modern architectural and highly sought housing society owned by the vision group. The vision group was formed in 2012 and is actively involved in a wide array of businesses, including but not limited to, real estate development, pharmaceuticals, broadcast media, schools, and the construction industry.

The vision group has multiple highly successful projects under its belt including the luxurious Park View City projects in Lahore, Karachi, Islamabad, Saama TV Group, The National School, and Abdul Aleem Khan Foundation among others. Aleem khan, a senior & active member of a popular political party in Pakistan, owns the Vision Group.


Location is key for an effective real estate investment. It mainly depends on the accessibility, appearance, and amenities of the society as well as development plans. These factors make Park View City Islamabad, an ideal location to live as PVC is situated at the heart of Islamabad checking all the boxes for a luxury affordable lifestyle. Park View City Islamabad is situated in zone IV of CDA adjutant to Bahria Enclave Islamabad and easily accessible with a 15-minute drive from Serena Hotel Islamabad. Park View City Islamabad is easily accessible from multiple key landmarks. The main entrance is located at a 5-minutes’ drive from Rawal Chowk which is en route to the Srinagar Highway, Islamabad Highway, and Lehtrar Road. There is a secondary entrance to the society from Bara Kahu Islamabad with a 10-minute drive.

The main entrance is located at an 8-10 km drive from Chak Shahzad through Park Road via Rawal Dam. The entrance is also assessable by a 200-feet wide main road that is exclusively linked with the main Jinnah Avenue from Kurri Road. The Capital Development Authority Islamabad provided Park View City an exclusive access to the society.

Total Area

Park View City covers a vast area of 1200 Kanal Area spreading across various residential and commercial blocks. The residential blocks consist of overseas Blocks, A, B, C, D E, F, H, J, and K. The plots in these residential blocs vary from 5, 8, 10, 20, and 40 Marla. 

Besides this, the commercial plots are also available in some blocks that are available in two sizes i.e. 6 Marla and 8 Marla with 35”x40” dimensions that add up to 1400 sq feet.

NOC Status

Park View City has recently renewed its No Objection Certificate (NOC) from the CDA about the letter number CDA/PLW/Zone-4(94)/12/Vol-I/168, which makes it the only NOC-approved society of Islamabad. The approval grants them 7000 Kanal for constructing a housing society. In addition to that, the IRS department in Islamabad has also extended their provision in the name of the developers of Park View City, Islamabad, under mouza Malot, Zone 4, Islamabad. You can also visit the CDA website to view the NOC status of the society.

Park View City Islamabad has become the profitable gem of Islamabad thanks to its prime location, rapid growth, and high-quality framework, with local and global investors expressing great interest in the project. It is heaven on Earth because of its illustrious location, and luxurious amenities including a Turkish-style mosque, a renowned school, a sizable hospital, a community center, Park View Mall, and a sizable neighborhood are just a few examples of excellent housing projects. This makes Park View City Islamabad a great investment opportunity. Anyone searching for a speedy return on their investment may consider Park View City, one of the most prestigious and elite housing societies in the area. Rapid growth and state-of-the-art infrastructure will boost the prices and value of the homes in the vicinity, giving investors a profitable return on their investment.

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